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SARAF luminal domain structure reveals a novel domain-swapped β-sandwich fold important for SOCE modulation.

Kimberlin, C.R.,Meshcheriakova, A., Palty, R., Karbat, I., Reuveny, E., and Minor, D.L. Jr.

Journal of Molecular Biology 431 2869-2883 (2019) PMID:31082439 PMCID: PMC6599547

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Minor Lab Publication Cover 2010

Structure of a prokaryotic sodium channel pore reveals essential gating elements and an outer ion binding site common to eukaryotic channels.

Shaya, D., Findeisen, F., Abderemane-Ali, F., Arrigoni, C., Wong, S., Reddy Nurva, S., Loussouarn, G., and Minor, D.L., Jr.

Journal of Molecular Biology 426 476-483 (2014) PMID: 24120938 PMCID: PMC3947372

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Minor Lab Publication Cover 2014

Progress in the structural understanding of voltage-gated calcium channel (CaV) function and modulation.

Findeisen, Felix, Minor, Jr., D.L.

Channels 4:5, 1-16 (Dec 2010)

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Minor Lab Publication Cover 2010

Alanine-Scanning Mutagenesis Defines a Conserved Energetic Hotspot in the CaVα1 AID-CaVβ Interaction Site that Is Critical for Channel Modulation.

Petegem, F.V., Duderstadt, K.E., Clark, K.A., Wang, M., Minor, Jr., D.L.

Structure 16, 280-294 (2008)

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Minor Lab Publication Cover 2008


Structure of the saxiphilin:saxitoxin (STX) complex reveals a convergent molecular recognition strategy for paralytic toxins.

Yen, T.-J., Lolicato, M., Thomas-Tran, R., Du Bois, J.,
and Minor, D.L. Jr

Science Advances 5 eaax2650 (2019) PMID: 31223657 PMCID: PMC6584486

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