Asthma effects over 34 million Americans and over 300 million people worldwide. A quarter million people die each year from asthma around the world and asthma prevalence is on the rise. Asthma has increased by 75% since 1980, with incidence increasing by 160% in children.

Now, more than ever, research focused on understanding the mechanisms of asthma are needed to help guide the development of tailored treatments.


















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John V. Fahy, MD, MSc
513 Parnassus Avenue, HSE 1307
San Francisco, Ca 94143-0130
Phone: (415) 476-9940
Fax: (415) 476-5712
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Sheena Kerr, Laboratory Manager
Phone: (415) 476-0752

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For post-doctoral research position availability, please contact Dr. Fahy directly.

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