Guo Huang (Guo.Huang[at]

Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology

Investigator of Cardiovascular Research Institute & Eli and Edythe Broad Center of Regeneration and Stem Cell research

Ph.D. Johns Hopkins Medical Institute

B.S. Peking University

Lei Gu

Postdoctoral Fellow (Joined 04/2017)

Ph.D. Cell Biology, Institute of Biophyics,

Chinese Academy of Sciences


We are seeking highly motivated biologists, physicians, and engineers from diverse backgrounds to join our research team.

For graduate and medical students, we welcome students from any program at UCSF. Please feel free to contact Dr. Guo Huang (Guo.Huang[at] for research opportunities. We are currently affiliated with following graduate programs.


Developmental and Stem Cell Biology

Biomedical Sciences


For prospective graduate students, please search graduate programs for your desired choice. If you need advises on which program to apply and how to be possibly considered by multiple programs, please contact Dr. Huang directly.

We now have positions for two postdoctoral fellows. For postdoctoral candidates, please submit a cover letter, CV and three letters of reference to Dr. Guo Huang (Guo.Huang[at] We are currently looking for candidates with highly productive track record and experience in but not limited to the following areas:

1. Developmental biology and regenerative medicine.

  1. 2.Cardiomyocyte biology and physiology.

  2. 3.Cell signaling, transcriptional and post-transcriptional control of gene expression.

For undergraduates who are interested in volunteering during the entire academic year or just the summer time, you can either send a cover letter and CV to Guo Huang (Guo.Huang[at] directly, or apply for a position through UCSF Summer Research Programs (

Alexander Payumo   

Postdoctoral Fellow (Joined 02/2016)

IRACDA fellowship recipient (2016-2019)

Ph.D. Chemical and Systems Biology, Stanford University

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Kentaro Hirose 

Postdoctoral Fellow (Joined 04/2016)

JSPS fellowship recipient (2018-2020)

Ph.D. Biological Sciences, Hiroshima University, Japan

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Jasmine King

UCSF SRTP Student (06/2016-08/2016)

SACNAS Travel Award (09/2016)

SACNAS Best Presentation Award (10/2016)

Gulf Coast Symposium Best Presentation Award (12/2016)

UCSF Chancellor Fellowship (2017)

NSF GRFP Award (2017-2020)

Bioengineering, University of Texas San Antonio

Margarita Fedorova

Berkeley URAP Student (Joined 02/2017)

Cognitive Science & Molecular and Cell Biology

University of California Berkeley

Summer Student

Hangyu (Louis) Si

Visiting Student (Joined 08/2017)

Beutler Institute fellowship (2017-2018)

Senior Honors Thesis research (2017-2018)

School of Life Sciences

Xiamen University

Steven Chang

Berkeley URAP Student (Joined 09/2016)

Molecular Environmental Biology

University of California Berkeley

Alison Hoang

Berkeley URAP Student (Joined 09/2016)

Rose Hills SURF Fellowship (2017)

Berkeley URAP Summer Award (2017)

Senior Honors Thesis research (2017-2018)

Molecular and Cell Biology

University of California Berkeley

Vanessa Wazny

Visiting Student (Joined 07/2017)

UCEAP Research Program (2017-2018)

Developmental Biology

University of Manchester

Stephen Cutie

Bioengineering Graduate Student (Joined 05/2017)

IMSD fellowship (2016-2018)

B.S. University of Miami

Emma Ye

Berkeley URAP Student (Joined 02/2017)

Honors Program

Integrated Biology

University of California Berkeley

Belinda Tan

Summer student (Joined 07/2017)


University of California San Diego

Nicole Madrazo

Berkeley URAP Student (Joined 09/2017)

Molecular and Cell Biology

University of California Berkeley

Soofie Motamedi

Berkeley URAP Student (Joined 09/2017)

Molecular and Cell Biology

University of California Berkeley

Rotation Student

Megan Koleske

Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacogenomics (PSPG)

Graduate Student (Started 01/2018)

B.S. Ohio State University